Monday, May 11, 2009

Brewery picture of the week

Jasmine, the Sixpoint kitty

Not much going on here of notable interest. We brewed another double batch of Bengali Tiger on Saturday. I feel like I'm actually picking up some skills at Sixpoint, so that I can jump in on certain projects and do them on my own. For instance on Saturday I cleaned and ran the sanitation cycle on a conditioning tank with only a little supervision, shoveled out grain from the 1st mash, stirred in the 2nd mash, and washed 5 pallets of kegs (among other things).

On Saturday evening we had a San Diego beer tasting at my place, and a lot of the beers were truly excellent. Doug brought over some Stone and Lost Abbey beers to implement what I had already brought. There was only one stinker in the batch, an infected or stale Left Coast Torrey Pines IPA. It smelled like rotten feet & cheese. The Left coast Hop Juice double IPA was in pretty good shape though.

Looking forward to brewing up a batch next Sunday, possibly a pale ale to grow up some Cali yeast and use the homegrown hops that Chillindamos gave me.

Cheers, Happy brewing to you all.

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