Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Bruery Batch 50 competition

I entered 4 of my Belgian style beers into the Bruery's Belgian-only competition, and 2 of them medalled! Awesome. I will post a little more detailed analysis of both of these beers when I get the scoresheets back, but for now, here are the competition results.

The 4 beers I submitted were: Mr. T's 30 lb. Necklace, Saison 566, the funky "Rana Verde" saison that got infected with Berlinner weisse yeast, and me and Ray's brett/oak beer. Mr. T took first in Belgian Strong, and Saison 566 took second in Belgian&French.

And in case you have been wondering, I have been brewing lately. I need to catch up on posting 4 recent brews, and I have pictures to share too!