Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Wonton-amo Bay" IPA

Thanks to Angelo for the politically incorrect the name. Looking for a really, really hop forward, light colored IPA that is not as strong in alcohol as an imperial IPA. First time using Citra and only the second time using Simcoe.

Wonton-amo Bay IPA
Brewed on 7/14/10
Recipe is for 6.6 gallons pre-boil, 5.6 gallons post-boil, all grain
O.G. 1.067 F.G. 1.012 ABV 7.3% IBU's 85

10.5 lb. 2-row pale malt (Great Western Organic)
1 lb. wheat malt
.5 lb. Crystal 60
.5 lb. Carapils

19 gr. Warrior pellet 15.8%AA 60 min
20 gr. Summit whole 18%AA 30 min
28 gr. Amarillo pellet 8.2%AA 10 min
28 gr. Citra whole 11%AA 10 min
28 gr. Simcoe pellet 12.2% 0 min
28 gr. Centennial whole 7.8% 0 min
17 gr. Amarillo pellet 82% dry hop, loose in primary
14 gr. Simcoe pellet 12.2% dry hop loose in primary
14 gr. Centennial pellet 9.7% dry hop loose in primary

Mash: 4 gallons water plus 3 tsp. Burton Salts
Mash in to 149 for 40 minutes, fell to 146.
Heat to 158 over 10 minutes, rest 10 minutes
Heat to 170 over 10 minutes, rest 15 minutes

Sparge with 5 gallons at 170
Collect 6.6 gallons at 1.057 = 84% efficiency
NOTE: Should have used a bit more sparge water to collect 7 gallons, especially since there is quite a bit of beer loss due to hop mass.

Boil 60 minutes, with hop additions as noted.
Added 1 tsp. Burton salts to kettle.
Wyeast nutrient and whirlfloc at 10 minutes.
Whirlpool, rest 10 minutes while setting up plate chiller.
NOTE: Long run off time due to hop strainer getting a bit clogged up. Took 25 minutes to run off! I think this will be good for the beer though, letting those last hop additions really soak into the beer flavor and increase the IBU's a bit.
Collect 5 gallons at 68 degrees.
Oxygen for 75 seconds
Pitched a 1 liter stirplate starter of WLP 001 Cali Ale Yeast
Ferment at 69
7/21/10 Added dry hops straight to primary on day 7, still fermenting slowly with visible krausen. Let warm to 72.
8/6/10 Crashed-cooled in the primary.
8/9/10 Racked to a keg


Paul! said...

I'm glad your starting to use simcoe more,call it cliche but Im finding the trifecta of simcoe amarillo and columbus indespensible.
what's up with sour cherries? give me a call or e mail

Seanywonton said...

What's up mang. Give me a call actually. I don't have Quinn's number anymore as my cell phone broke and I lost my contacts. I got a new one though, so you can call me. Also, GET A PHONE YOU CHEAP BASTARD!!!

Cherries: Maybe we an make a run tomorrow if you get this in time.

Angelo De Ieso II said...

Tonamo, this beer looks great. When can I get a sneak sample or three?

Seanywonton said...

Probably will be kegging it in 2 weeks, so maybe 3 weeks from now? I hope it IS great!

Fritzeye said...

The recipe looks great, epsecially the Summit at 30 minutes. I have noticed that the Summits I have gotten lately have that hard onion aroma that almost makes your eyes tear up where in the past they where more like Columbus and Tangerine.
Curious to see if you have noticed the same?

Seanywonton said...

I totally agree, this year's Summit is much more oniony than 2008. I moved the Summit to 30 ( I was putting it in at 20 for the pale ale) and reduced the quantity to hopefully get some of their complexity without having that oniony aroma in the final product.

Chillindamos said...

Big hop schedule. Looking forward to hearing how that turned out. Its been a while since I've experimented with a variety of hop additions. I like that you left the grain bill simple and shooting for the dry end and low SRM. Puts the hop merriment in focus.

Paul! said...

I'm cribbing this malt bill for my next ipa.
you need to re brew this as a double ipa, or atleast bump the bitterness quite a bit to make up for all the sweetness from the dry hopping ( ester's?,perceived hop sweetness?)
you say you can't brew an ipa to save your life but I think your just a few changes away from a winner with this recipe.

Seanywonton said...

I agree, Paul, there is something going on there with a perceived sweetness that is maybe coming from a combo of esters and alcohol sweetness, maybe some of the hop aromas, I'm not that familiar with Citra.

I actually don't think it's just a matter of bumping up the IBU's. Certainly for an imperial, but for a regular IPA, I would: Back down on the base malt to 1.062ish, move that 30 minute addition to 60 and recalculate it to the same 85 IBU's, maybe take out the Citra and go with a nice Cascade addition, make sure the ferment doesn't get above 70 at the end, and dry hop a bit later. That's a lot of changes but since I'm not totally sure where that sweetness is coming from, I would do it all. It certainly was dry according to the hydrometer!

Cheers, Good Luck with your IPA!

Paul! said...

oh yeah,
you need to make it black too.
2011 is all about carafa 3 dude.