Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Day at Sixpoint

Man, I am going to miss these guys!

This past Saturday marked my last day as an intern at Sixpoint. I was incredibly sad to go, but I really have to move on, and to concentrate on moving out of NYC, I need to have the rest of my weekends free. We had a great day at the brewery though. We were scheduled to do a double brew, but they ended up fermenting the last beer one day faster than they thought it would take, so the double brew was done on Friday instead. We spent the day kegging up 28 barrels of Bengali Tiger and doing some cleaning.

My friend Forrest stopped by to take a brewery tour with a couple of his friends who are in the planning stages of opening a brewpub in Trenton, NJ. So we got to show them around, and hopefully we helped them with some planning ideas. We also had a nice hombrew tasting session on the upstairs patio at mid-day. After that, we were starving, so I picked us up some papusas and chicharron from the Red Hook soccer fields.

I should provide a bit of an overview of my time at Sixpoint:

First off, it only amounted to a total of 13 Saturdays, and I wish I could have been there for more. But in that time, I was able to do the equivalent of 3 weeks of full-time brewery work. That is definitely an accheivement, and it means that I won't be a total noob when I walk into my first real brewing job. Coupled with the theoretical knowledge I've picked up through 7 years of homebrewing, I personally think I will be a more knowledgable beginning brewer than at least some of the people coming out of brewing schools.

Secondly, I'm greatly appreciative of the opportunity I was given to learn to brew. Even after I let them know I would be leaving, Craig and Evan still made it a point to include me in the brewing process and teach me new things. Shane, the brewmaster and owner, gave me a really great letter of recommendation, and he has given me some advice on where and how to look for a brewing job.

Most importantly though, I consider it a great opportunity to have gotten to know Craig and Evan, and they are true friends to me. I think it's going to be very hard to find a brewing job where I can work with two great brewers who are so friendly and fun to hang out with. I really hope I can, and luckily this field is made up of generous and friendly brewers. I wish them both the best in their time at Sixpoint and eventually, opening their own breweries.

I still have so much stuff to do before I leave the city, and we still don't know where we are moving to! And what the hell do I do with all my brewing stuff, sell it here and re-buy, or pay an enormous amount of cash in moving expenses? I guess I will figure it all out in the upcoming weeks. Sorry, no brewing posts until I get situated in the new town, wherever that may be.

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