Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Brewday at Sixpoint: Double batch of Bengali Tiger IPA

Just a few pics from the first brewday I helped out with at Sixpoint.  It's a long day, but really fun!  I stirred in the second mash.

This is the grant setup, where the wort recirculates before being directed to the boil kettle.

Here's the hop cone after a 5 minute whirlpool, 10 minute rest, and about 45 minutes to transfer the wort through the heat exchanger into the fermenter.  I'm thinking about rigging some kind of diverter plate in my homebrew system, because it's really amazing what a well-defined cone they get.  Not much wort loss at all.

In other news, I just brewed my starter for an all-brett beer with WLP 650 Brett Bruxenellis.  It will be a 2-step starter, this first step was 1 quart.  The yeast tube smelled lemony and funky in a  spoiled fruit / dumpster sort of way, with some barnyard.  I tasted the yeast dregs and it was extremely sour in a good way!


Hunington Sachs said...

We don't know each other, and probably never will, but I wanted to congratulate you on your career start. It's obvious that this is something that you really want, and it warms the heart to see you get it. My own son starts his Siebel Institute education in a couple of weeks, so I know how big of a deal this is for you. Congrats from a fellow homebrew-blogger.

Chad Yakobson said...

Dude thats fucking sweet, congrats!

And good choice on the B. bruxellensis.. give it time at least a month+ and keep it anaerobic try no tto expose it to oxygen or let to much leak in.. You'll be rewarded with some nice funk and a good beer!


Seanywonton said...

Thanks guys. Just to be clear, it's still an internship, but I'm definitely going for this for real. I can't stay at the office-monkey job forever!

And I follow both of your blogs too. Keep up the good work!

Tom E said...

I hear you on the office monkey/paper pusher thing, Sean. That's why I did the ABG course. Now I just have to win the lottery and open a brewpub. Good luck, dude!