Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Bought Tickets for NHC 2009

I just squeezed in for early registration tickets for NHC 2009! I'm very excited to be going out to "Frisco" for the weekend of June18th-20th. As an added bonus, the Brewing Network 4th anniversary party is on the Wednesday before that! Should be a great time! I'll try not to get alcohol poisoning, but I'm not promising anything.

If you haven't bought tickets yet, it's the last day for early registration discounts.

Lastly, Ray and I have to get off our asses to enter the Dirty 30 in the 1st round of NHC competition. It's excellent! BJCP-wise, I think it's the best beer I've ever brewed.


hopshead said...

Damn Dude, I wish I could to the NHC '09. That with the BN anniversary is going to be awesome. Congrats, and blog when you get back so that poor smoes like me can wish they went.

Seanywonton said...

Yeah, I probably wouldn't get up the momentum to go on my own, but since my friends Ray and Paul are going, it makes things a bit easier.

I'll be crossing my fingers not to get mugged or shot while in Oakland! Although damage from overdrinking is probably more likely. And if I come back alive I'll be sure to blog about the experience.