Saturday, February 23, 2008

Homebrew Alley 2: February 10th 2008

This was the NCYHG's second year hosting Homebrew Alley, a BJCP sanctioned competition. This year was a lot of fun (and a ton of hard work!). We judged 248 entries from around the country, we even got beers from as far as California and South Dakota. The club represented fairly well, with Phil winning second best of show and quite a few of our members collecting some ribbons.

I entered 4 beers and 2 of them placed. A robust porter with 100% homegrown American hops took first in porters, and a strong saison (9%ABV) with yarrow took second in Belgian and French ales. I'll post the recipe for the porter here sometime.

The porter was also picked as our club entry to the upcoming "Perfect Porter Challenge" club-only competition. I think it' s pretty hoppy, which I wanted, but from a judging standpoint it tends to mask the wonderful malt flavors. I will brew it again with less finishing hops (half-ounce additions instead of 1 ounce). But it was a wonderful beer down to the last glass I pulled off the keg.

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